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What is Wine Tasting at Enoteca in Post Falls like?

Posted by Enoteca Fine Wine & Beer

If you’ve never been to an Enoteca Wine Tasting or Beer Tasting event, this guide will help you feel comfortable coming your first time. Our program may be a little different than what you’re used to, here are the top things that make tasting at Enoteca different:

  1. Portions. For paid classroom format tastings, we generally pour 2-3 oz. of each wine, or 3-4 oz. of each beer.  For free tastings it’s typically a 1/2 oz. pour.
  2. Comfort. Most of the time at Enoteca wine tastings you will have a seat and a table! A popular tasting can create a “standing-room only” situation, but that’s not typical. This is different than most tasting rooms that are always standing.  Since we are a full bar as well, you can come early and pre-game, or stay late and enjoy a couple more.  Always feel free to order food from one of our friendly neighbor restaurants.
  3. Friendly People. The people who come to Enoteca wine & beer tastings are great, friendly people! Don’t be surprised if you make new friends here, and reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Our drop in tasting events do not require a reservation, including the Free Flight Friday. We call these “Drop-In Tastings” because you can just drop in any time to taste!   When we hold a classroom format, it will require reservations. You can call at the last minute to see if there is room (208-457-9885) or better yet, buy your seats well in advance.

All event tickets must be purchased online, and are first-come, first-served, and non-refundable.  “Classroom style” events start at a specific time, usually 7 pm, sometimes 5pm for a beer tasting, and go for 1.5-2 hours. When you attend an event like this expect to go through the wine or beer at the presenter’s pace, learn a lot, and have opportunity to interact with the presenter, be it wine maker, beer maker, or other sort of smart guy.

What is a flight?

When we talk about Wine Flights, it’s just jargon to indicate a series of wines. The concept is to taste a few ounces of several wines, to explore and taste, as opposed to having a “full glass” of one wine. We also have a full time wine by the glass list to choose from!  We have a regular wine flight list available any time we’re open.

Are there snobs?

Please don’t be intimidated by the aura of elitism that traditionally surrounds fine wine. We’re all learning, everybody starts somewhere, and Enoteca – Fine Drinkery & Refuge is a safe place to try new things and explore what wine has to offer. The staff is friendly and happy to answer any question we can.

What does it cost?

Different events have different costs, and we also feature free events from time to time.  Keep an eye on the email newsletter to learn about the different tasting opportunities.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, assuming it is legal in public places.

One thing that can enhance the wine tasting experience is to forgo the perfumes and colognes. Since a huge part of taste comes through the nose, having less interference from other sources when tasting a wine can give the taster a truer representation of that wine.

May I drink beer?

We have 11 craft beer handles and an extensive bottled beer selection in the Enoteca Drinkery & Refuge.  For a small corkage fee, you can also choose from over 800 different craft beers on the retail shelf.

What if I want whiskey, or a mixed drink?

We have a full bar, with a fantastic Bourbon & Scotch list, and great bar tenders ready to make Historic Mixed Drinks and Originals.

I have a question not answered here…

Please feel free to email us with any questions, and if it seems to be a common one, we’ll update this page. Otherwise we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Email us here.