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Posted by John Eckhart

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  • Wine & Beer of the Month Club

    Once per month email alerting you to the tasting notes, food pairings, and any other good info we have on our Monthly Club selections.  You can get this email even if you’re not in the Club.  Learn more about subscribing here.

  • Tasting Events

    Typically 1-2 emails per week alerting you to special tasting event opportunities going on at Enoteca.  Take a look at the tasting event calendar on the left side of the website, these are the type of events we let you know about via this list.

  • Fine Wine

    Deals and specials in Wine!  Some are special prices on wine, others are just great opportunities for rare and delicious wine.

  • Craft Beer

    Information on interesting Craft Beer being available at Enoteca.  Often to get the most special beers, you need to pre-order them, and typically learning about these special beers is what this list is for.

  • Spirits

    Special news and information about spirits, including Scotch, Whiskey, Cocktails, and other great beverage options available to consume at Enoteca.

  • Restaurant Reviews

    Very occasional reviews of restaurants in our area.