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Wine 101: Learn About Wine in this fun participation class!

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Feb - 16 - 2012

Woman with Wine

Dear Enotecans,

  • What’s the difference between Cabernet and Merlot?
  • What’s the deal with screw caps?
  • Can you show me a wine that tastes as good as an expensive one, but doesn’t cost so much?
  • Do I serve this chilled or room-temperature?
  • Does it really matter what glass you serve wine in?
  • The labels are confusing, how do I know if I’m going to like this wine?
  • I think I have an allergy, how can I still enjoy wine?  Does it need to be organic?
  • The label says “raspberries” or “cherry” does that mean they’ve added other fruit to the wine?
  • What do wine people mean when they say “dry”?  All wine seems wet to me 🙂
  • Should I age this wine?  How long?  How can you tell?
  • Why does the wine steward at a restaurant start by pouring for only one person?
  • And hand me the cork?
  • Am I supposed to sniff it?
  • I only like red/white wines, what’s the big deal about white/red wines?
  • What does “corked” mean?
  • How long does a wine last once it has been opened?
  • Why is there sediment in some wines?
  • Ever meet one of these guys? (video with sound)

When I started out in wine I had tons of questions.  I still do, but along the way I’ve learned the answers and some rules of thumb for getting the most out of your wine experience.  If you’re like me, when wine is intimidating or confusing, it’s harder to enjoy.  We can take the mystery out of wine and help you feel more confident in your wine buying experience, at a restaurant, or in enjoying wine with friends.

Join Sarah for this in depth class on the world of wine.  This is not a spectator sport, we’re all about participation!  We’ll be pouring a handful of wines during the event,  both red and white.  We will be revealing facts and the secrets of the wine world.

This class will be about 2 hours.  Please bring your questions!
Cheese plates and study notes included.

This class is being held Thursday, February 23rd  beginning at 6pm.  The cost is $15 per person.  You can sign up HERE.

Note: Enoteca strives to bring you the best experience in wine and beer. Due to the popularity of our events we have had to change our policy on event tickets.  Now you buy tickets online, just like concert tickets.  They’re not yours until they’re paid for, and when we fill up, tickets are no longer available.  Unfortunately we can no longer provide refunds FOR EVENTS.  You will be emailed a receipt for your payment of the ticket, and you can print this for verification of the ticket.

Unfortunatly we can no longer provide refunds FOR EVENTS.

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