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Dear Enotecans,

This Thursday is the New Belgium Beer Tasting, at 5pm and 7pm.  Beer Ranger Ely Johnson from New Belgium stopped by last week to talk about what we’re going to pour and by golly we came up with not one but TWO amazing kegs to tap!  Even though the tickets are all sold out, this email contains some useful information for you both if you have tickets and if you do not.

By the way, we’re having another beer tasting next week, this time with Bitterroot Brewery of Hamilton Montana.  Don’t wait until the last minute, get your tickets now!

5pm Bitterroot Beer Tasting Tickets here.

7pm Bitterroot Beer Tasting Tickets here.

Firkin of Dry Hopped Somersault

We’re tapping a Firkin (what?!) of Somersault, but not just the normal Somersault, this is a one-off unique “dry hopped” version.

New Belgium SomersaultA firkin is a type of keg that contains “real ale,” also known as “cask-conditioned ale.”  A firkin is a 10 gallon (approximately) cask where beer is fermented and then served straight from that container through the use of either gravity or a hand-pump. The firkin needs to be tapped as in the picture above. This is very different than the kegged beer that you get normally. Kegged beer uses gas to carbonate, but in a cask or firkin, the carbonation occurs naturally. Additionally a beer will enter it’s secondary fermentation in a firkin as well, whereas sometimes beer in kegs has not been allowed to enter secondary fermentation. These beers will taste smoother and rounder (an effect that nitro taps try to mimic but fail) and many of the subtler flavors will be pronounced. Also, I enjoy cask because I can differentiate hops much better. This is how beer in many parts of the world has traditionally been made up until the last 70 or so years, it is still very popular in Britain, and it is a lovely way to drink.

Somersault is a 5.2% ABV American Blonde Ale, rated 100 by the BeerAdvocate “Bros”

Here’s what New Belgium says about Somersault:

Somersault is a fun roll around on the tongue, while requiring only the minimum of palate gymnastics. This is the perfect summer lounge-around beer.  Somersault tumbles out with citrus aroma from Centennial hops, a soft apricot fruitiness tucked into the flavor, a full mouthfeel from the addition of oats and a crisp, dry finish from the subtle addition of ginger.

This special Firkin is a unique “dry hopped” version, and as with all cask conditioned Firkin’s we must drink it within a day or two!  For this reason we’re offering a very special Growler fill price and a very aggressive Pint price.  We’ll be tapping the Firkin at about 3pm on Thursday, and pouring it for both beer tastings.  When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Growler Fill: [Member: $11.69 / Retail: $12.99]

Pint: $4

A Big Fun Keg of La Folie, Oh My

La Folie is New Belgium’s Flanders Oud Bruin style beer.  It’s a rare beer, highly sought after by the sour beer drinking beer geek community.  RateBeer score is 100, and it is 94 Exceptional on BeerAdvocate.

New BelgiumHere’s what New Belgium says about it:

Flemish Sour Brown Ale fermented in stainless then transferred to barrels for 1-4 years of aging then blended to taste.

La Folie Wood-Aged Biere, is our original wood-conditioned beer, resting in French Oak barrels between one and three years before being hand bottled, numbered and corked for your enjoyment. Brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert, came to us from Rodenbach – home of the fabled sour red. Our La Folie emulates the spontaneous fermentation beers of Peter’s beloved Flanders with sour apple notes, a dry effervescence, and earthy undertones.

We’re getting a big 15.5 Gallon keg at Enoteca!  We’re tapping by 3pm on Thursday this week and pouring it for both beer tastings.  Thursday ONLY we will have very aggressive growler and pint prices.

Even if you can’t make it to the tasting, stop by early for a pint and a growler fill!

This is an age-able beer, so pick up some bottles to age, or if your growler has a very good cap, consider aging a growler full!

This keg isn’t here yet, so we’ll post pricing as soon as we’re sure of what it costs.  You can always see what’s on tap and what it costs on our website under Craft Beer > What’s On Tap?

Woo hoo!

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