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Spaghetti Wine? This one is for sure!

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Aug - 28 - 2012

Spaghetti Red

Dear Enotecans,

Spaghetti Red!  It’s a simple, affordable, tasty bottle of wine that goes great with….  you guessed it.  And there’s another type of Spaghetti wine below.

Sarah says: I must admit, the label of Spaghetti red wine left me a little leery to try it. It looks like a label made on the printer at home 20 years ago. However, it’s a great deal and I don’t turn those down either! So try it I must and try it I did. I am happy to report that Spaghetti Red is a great little dinner wine. We decided that with the extra tomato harvest this week to have BLTs for dinner tonight. This little wine paired with the food really well. On it’s own it reminds me of Menage a Trois red blend from California. Ripe raspberry and strawberry fruit up front with easy going tannins and while it is dry it is medium bodied as to not overpower or interfere with your meal. It’s a very complimentary wine, I was happy with it after a long day of work. So as you come by to pick up a few bottles just avert your eyes from the label and check out the price tag which is also complimentary! This is a great buy for the upcoming holidays as well, if you were thinking of getting A bottle I would suggest a few more since these are the last of them in the market.

Russell says: Uncomplicated, easy to drink, smooth, and tasty.  One of those wines that comes alive with food.  Silly label, but the unpretentiousness of it goes well with an unpretentious wine.

Less than 4 cases available, under $10 per bottle, from California.

Order here: Member: $8.99 / Retail: $9.99 / Member Case Each: $8.49

We fill orders first-come, first-served.  Use online form for fastest ordering.

But wait there’s more!

While we’re at it, since there isn’t much Spaghetti Red to be had, we have another good Spaghetti wine that we have in better supply.  Chianti’s are made primarily from Sangiovese, and they’re from a specific region in Tuscany.  Easy and approachable, the main distinction you’ll notice from other American Sangiovese’s is the Italian wines have a greater sense of terroir, something down to earth about them.

Zonin Chianti
(Chianti, Tuscany)

Russell says: Enjoyable sipper, goes down easy and perfect with food from the region.  This is really a perfect wine for a steak, I prefer it to big California Cab with my steak, because this wine was designed from the ground up as a food wine, not as a cocktail wine.  Look for it to be meaty, look for notes of cedar, olives, dried herbs, and dust.  Of course it comes out the gate with fruit, but these other “earthier” flavors are what make Chianti great, and make it pair incredibly well with food, like a big steak, or spaghetti with meat balls.  The bright acidity and light body make it a perfect way to prepare your  mouth for the next bite, as it refreshes your steak-enjoying taste buds each time you take a sip.
Here’s what the Italians say about their wine:
Ruby-red with garnet reflections.  Fine aromas, with scents of cherries, wild berry fruits, violets and spicy hints.  Dry and fresh, with good body and agreeable tannins. It has a fruity and persistent taste with a lightly spicy background.
When young it is excellent with richly-flavored dishes, especially the traditional specialties of Tuscan cuisine.  After the wine has aged 3 or 4 years, we recommend it with game and stewed meats.
90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo.

Order here: Member: $8.09 / Retail: $8.99 / Member Case Each: $7.64

In Stock, online order will be filled same day.  You can pick up the wine at your leisure.

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