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Mixology Monday: St. Patricks Day Edition – Irish Cocktails

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Mar - 04 - 2013

cocktail-flowDear Enotecans,

Enoteca Drinkery & Refuge is an exciting new type of place.  We’re calling it an “Educational Bar” because the focus is on learning and expanding our horizons.  Want to try something new?  We’re definitely the place for you.  One big part of the educational experience at Enoteca in Post Falls is our Mixology Monday program.  You can find cocktail recipes anywhere, we’re going waaay beyond recipes and into the HOW and WHY, and the history and heritage of classic craft cocktails.  It’s a fun and stimulating class, perfect for a date or bring a group for a social learning experience.

We’ve brought in experienced bar tending staff trained in house made ingredients, crafting original cocktails, and fully versed on Historic Cocktails.  These guys are well educated on the history and variations of drinks.  Come order a Sazerac from Zach and if the bar isn’t too busy, he’ll be able to tell you everything about it.  Also it’s delicious.  Ask Ryan about gin when you order a classic martini, or the Vesper from James Bond.

admit-ticketBetter yet, get tickets to attend the next Mixology Monday and sit in on a class dedicated to learning about cocktails, while sipping on those cocktails!

St. Patrick’s Mixology Monday

Have you ever wanted to learn why certain cocktails are great, and last for ages, while other combinations die out?  The Irish know how to drink, and this St. Patrick’s Mixology Monday class will focus on Irish cocktails, and we’ll be learning how to make your own Bailey’s style Irish Cream!

Come with questions for Ryan about mixing drinks, or think of questions while you’re here!

The cost is only $15 per person, which includes an interactive educational experience and 3 drinks.  Order online here.

  • The Tipperay: This cocktail is almost 100 years old!  Learn about sweet vermouth and chartreuse.
  • Cameron’s Kick: This drink has no known dating, but it dates back as far as the Cocktail Savoy. We’re featuring house made Orgeat.
  • Make your own Bailey’s style Irish Cream.

What is Mixology Monday all about?

roberge-2It’s about learning the WHY of making drinks.  We’re going well beyond simple recipes for drinks, we’re here to teach different techniques, different ingredients and reasons behind using them.  Get your tickets online now and come with your questions ready, and feel free to come up with questions when you get here!

Some questions I’ve heard, that can be addressed at a Mixology Monday event:

Shaken or stirred?  What is the purpose of shaking, or stirring, and why would you use either technique in a given drink?  Mixologist Ryan Roberge is a proponent of stirring, and he has some very good reasons, while Jake and Zach tend towards shaking, and they have their reasons.  Come learn more about it!

What glass should a certain drink be served in?  What is the purpose of the different shapes of glassware?  Do they change the flavor of the drink, or is it all just presentation?  Does it really matter, or can I have my margarita in a Slurpee cup?

What can I substitute?  Ever start making a drink and realize you don’t have the exact ingredients listed?  Or perhaps you see a cool drink but don’t want to go out and buy 3 new bottles of liquor just to make one drink you might not even love?  There are a world of substitutes possible, but it’s important to know some basic principles to properly substitute and still end up with a good drink.

Click through to buy your tickets. Purchase must be made online, and tickets are yours only when we receive payment information. No refunds or exchanges.

The cost is only $15 per person, Order online here.


Event Reminders:

You can always see what’s coming up at Enoteca by seeing the calendar on our left sidebar on our newly revamped Events page.  We’re gearing up for March, it’s here, it’s Spring, and we have some incredible events planned.

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