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Member Monday! Buy 1/Get 1 Free Drinks!

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Apr - 22 - 2013

Dear Enotecans,

Hours at Enoteca Drinkery & Refuge are:

Monday-Friday: 4pm-last customer
Saturday: 12pm-last customer

What is Member Monday?

Member Monday is a brand new benefit we are now launching.  Every Monday, Members who get wine and/or beer of the month subscription can come to the Enoteca Drinkery & Refuge for Buy 1/Get 1 Free drinks!

Choose from our rotating Wine by the Glass List, if you like beer we feature rotating 11 Tap Handles of Craft Beer, and we also sport quality Scotch and Bourbon, and make excellent historic mixed drinks and original cocktails.

Buy 1/Get 1 Fine Print:

a.k.a. instructions to enjoying the promotion

  • Drinks include wine by the glass, beer by the pint, and spirits
  • Does not include samples, flights, growlers, bottles, or events
  • Free drink must be the lesser or equal price of the paid drink
  • Cannot be combined with other specials or sale items
  • Membership subscription must be current
  • When you order your first drink, tell the bar tender your Bin number to start the tab
  • Member benefits cannot be shared with non-Members, no split tabs
  • Only applies to Club Members, if you’re not a member, just sign up!
  • You can sign up and enjoy the benefits immediately


Wine & Beer of the Month Club Benefits

wood-boxesAt Enoteca we’re always looking for ways to take better care of you.  Members of our Wine of the Month Club and Beer of the Month Club subscriptions already get all of this:

  • FREE Membership: No bin fees or hidden charges
  • No shipping charges, just pick up your wine & beer here in Post Falls
  • Discounts:
    • 10% off bottles
    • 15% off case orders (mixed too)
    • 20% off orphan shelf
  • Automatic and easy-no worries
  • Great way to learn about wine
  • Variety of unique wine & beer
  • Expertly selected wine & beer
  • Food pairing & info by email

What is Wine & Beer Club?

Not in the Wine or Beer of the Month Club yet? You’ve heard about this Wine & Beer Club but aren’t quite sure what it is? Here’s an explanation to help!

First, the Wine & Beer Club is a subscription to flavor. It’s a monthly subscription that you can join to receive pre-selected high quality beverages automatically. Ever go to the wine shop shelves or grocery store and just get lost in it all? You want to try something new, but the risk of picking something that maybe looks good but isn’t good is too great? We’re here to help elevate your palate to the next level, introducing you to new wines, obscure wines, and great values in their price range. You choose price levels and color (red or white) and we do the rest. My favorite experience is when someone comes back in after their first Wine Club bottle to order more because they just discovered something incredible!

How do we do it? We taste different wines all the time, sometimes 100′s in a month. It’s hard work but we do it so we can find the best flavors, values, and unique bottles to share with you. Subscribing to the Wine of the Month Club means you will try something new in the price range(s) you select, from the wine color(s) you select. The exact bottles are cherry picked by us from domestic and international sources, and constitute an adventure in wine!

The wine club is a great way to learn about wine, experience a variety of unique wine & beer, broadening your horizons. Come by this weekend and try a Red Flight and/or White Flight to get an idea what the different levels are about!

We have a lot of options to choose from, and you can choose any quantity of bottles in any combination of levels.

  • Vintage – $15
  • Reserve – $20
  • Premier – $30

These are the standard levels that come in Red or White each month. We taste through a bunch of wines each month to select the best available at each price level. Often we get limited edition wines, rare finds, or special deals that are not generally available because we’re buying for the Club!

  • Budget Wine Club – 2 Bottles for $20

We listen to our customers, and what we hear a lot is that you’re on a budget! This is a special Wine Club created to find you delicious bargains, TWO bottles each month for $20 total. The wines can vary in color (red, white, pink, etc.) each month, and style can vary as well, but the idea is to get you two bottles that are unique, interesting, and delicious each month for only $20.

  • Anniversary Red Only – $50

Our Anniversary club is only available as a Red wine, and is an excellent club to be in to build your cellar with high quality and rare items.

  • Fine Beer Club – $20

Each month the Fine Beer Club members receive $20 worth of beer in whatever configuration fits. We may include large format bottles, smaller bottles, six packs, even (gasp!) cans. Some are darker, some are lighter, but all in all it’s a great way to explore beers from international and domestic sources. Fine Beer Club is a variable number of bottles each month, in a huge range of beer styles, but always interesting and unique $20 worth of beer.  This club focuses on new releases, specialty beers, and a wide variety of styles.  This is for the craft beer explorer.

  • Rare Beer Society – $35

Rare Beer Society is a subscription to special and rare craft beers for a true craft beer lover. Exclusively limited-release beers, can be a variable number of bottles not exceeding a total cost of $35 in one month.  This club focuses on beers that have low-availability, special reserve series beers, and hard-to-find exclusives.  Included will be vintage beers suitable for aging, perhaps beers that we have cellared to perfection at Enoteca, and beers that appeal primarily to advanced craft beer enthusiasts.

Additional information:

There is a 6 month minimum commitment, and when someone gives a gift they usually buy 6 or 12 months worth up front and we deliver the wine to the recipients bin each month! We have ‘Gift Club’ gift cards that can be filled out to your recipient to present something tangible.

We will deliver to your bin the total number of bottles you request at or under the price range selected, the first Friday of each month.

Please come into the store or call 208-457-9885 to sign up!


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