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Stone 10th Anniversary Ruination Opportunity, Customer Story of the Week

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Apr - 11 - 2013


Dear Enotecans,

drinkery-and-refugeWe have a fantastic offer for you for a rare and special beer!

We’re gearing up for this Saturday’s Mad Men Party!  If you’re an early bird, we will be serving from the Mad Menu all day.  Party starts at 7pm, get a text message reminder here.

Event Reminders:

Customer Story of the Week

We heard from Dustin A. that he’s coming to the Mad Men Party with a group of 3 couples, who have been shopping Spokane Vintage Warehouse for duds for the event, and they’re getting limo service to the party!  Now that’s serious!

Customer of the Week: Dustin, thank you for enthusiastically introducing your friends to Enoteca, and putting on the Ritz!  Your first drink is on us.

Stone 10th Anniversary Ruination Pre-Order opportunity

stone-10th-ann-ruinationWe just got a note from Stone that they are brewing a batch of 10th Anniversary Ruination, the extremely limited Anniversary edition that is hoppy beyond all reason.  Delivery is expected mid-June.  If we get your order by Friday we have a good chance of getting everything you order, after that we will try to fill orders but cannot guarantee it.  Place your pre-order here.

Stone is brewing to order, so there won’t be any “extra” coming in, just what we have orders for!

Read more info from the brewery

Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA
10.8% ABV, 110 IBUs

Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA was created as an homage to the almighty hop. As the celebrated Stone Ruination IPA approached its 10th birthday this June, we knew we had to do something special, so we cranked it up from 7.7% to 10.8% and used twice as much hops–a whopping 5 pounds per barrel, including a pound each of Citra and Centennial in the dry hop. The results were GLORIOUS, but don’t take our word for it. The only people more bitter than those who don’t get any… will be those who do.

Member: $7.19 / Retail: $7.99 / Member Price Each by the Case: $6.79
Place your pre-order here for mid-June delivery.

The last time we got this, we ran out very quickly, I was able to get one bottle, which I enjoyed on the ocean on the Oregon Coast.  It was absolutely incredible, completely fantastic beer.  If you like IPAs, do not miss out on this.

What’s with the Gargoyle?

We get questions from people about the label art on the Stone bottle.  It’s a scary looking figure for sure.  The Stone label features a Gargoyle.  The Gargoyle is a Gothic architecture feature designed with the function of conveying water away from the building so it does not flow down the walls and damage the building.

The legend of La Gargouille is a French legend that sprang up around the name of St. Romanus (“Romain”) (AD 631–641), the former chancellor of the Merovingian king Clotaire II who was made bishop of Rouen, relates how he delivered the country around Rouen from a monster called Gargouille or Goji. La Gargouille is said to have been the typical dragon with batlike wings, a long neck, and the ability to breathe fire from its mouth. There are multiple versions of the story, either that St. Romanus subdued the creature with a crucifix, or he captured the creature with the help of the only volunteer, a condemned man. In each, the monster is led back to Rouen and burned, but its head and neck would not burn due to being tempered by its own fire breath. The head was then mounted on the walls of the newly built church to scare off evil spirits, and used for protection.

This legend led to the current use of Gargoyles as protectors from evil spirits, which is the sense in which Stone Brewing uses this as their logo. The gargoyle is made of stone, which fits, and protects your beer from evil flavors. The design to convey water from buildings is a throat, which is the etymology of “gargouille”, meaning throat or swallow. Which is what you do with Stone beers.

To recap, the meaning of the Gargoyle is that it is made of Stone, and it protects your beer, and you swallow the beer. Bingo, pretty cool branding right?

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