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Kegs to Go

Posted by John Eckhart

Our kegs to go program is set up to handle the nuances of craft beer kegs.  Here’s the basic information you need to know:

1.  Craft beer kegs are not always available in every variety and size like Bud/Miller/Coors.  We get keg in stock update reports from our vendors weekly.  Costs vary widely depending on what exactly you are looking for.

2.  Email us with an idea of pricing, style, brand and size you’re looking for if you have an idea and we can make recommendations.  We can forward the in stock reports, make recommendations, including kegs we have in stock if we happen to have what you’re looking for.  After you get the reports, email back with your top 3 picks, including size, and we will get pricing for you.  Sizes to consider are 1/2 barrels, 15.5 gallons, 1/4 barrels, 7.75 gallons (limited availablility), and 1/6th barrels, also known as 5.16 gallons, sixtels, pony kegs, and logs.

3.  Once you commit to a keg with an order including a Credit Card on file, we will order the keg.  Assuming it’s still in stock, it can take up to a week for it to arrive.  If you have a time crunch let us know up front and we will see if we can rush the keg, but it’s always best to have some lead time.

4.  All kegs require a keg shell deposit of $45.  This can be rolled into your next keg, this can be applied to purchases when you return the shell, or the deposit can be refunded.  Refunds are issued by mailing a check, after the shell is returned to us.  It must be the shell you got from us, we do not deal in shells.

5.  If you need a Keg Pump to hand pump the beer out of the keg, we have 2 options: First is to rent the pump for $20 + a deposit of $50.  Deposit terms are same as the shell.  Second is to buy a pump for $99.99.  If you have your own Kegerator system, you will not need the Keg Pump.

6.  For each keg it is required that you fill out the Idaho State Police form including drivers license, address where the keg will be consumed, and each keg is serial numbered.  We keep these records for 6 months and they can be turned over to the ISP at any time.

7.  Once the keg arrives we will charge the CC on file and email you a receipt.  You can pick it up any time after that.  The keg may not be cold when you get here, so plan on some lead time to chill it down before you start drinking it.


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