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Enoteca Bar Soft Opening: Cono Sur Wine Tasting, Drink Specials, Later Hours

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Aug - 10 - 2012

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Dear Enotecans,

You are invited to our soft opening weekend for the new and improved Enoteca Bar.  Things have changed drastically around here in the last few months and we want to put some stress on the system and see what we can learn, and improve before our Grand Opening.

Thank you for your support over the years, and thank you for growing with us.  It has been quite a trip over the past few years!

Let’s talk about some of the changes.

Open Later

Enoteca’s Bar will be open later starting now!  At the moment we’re aiming for 4-9 Thursday, and 4-10 pm Friday and Saturday.  If nobody shows up late, we will clean up and go home early though, at least this month.  Our goal is to respond to the hours that people show up, so we’ll be adjusting this over the next few months based on what we see people wanting.

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Spirits Available

Enoteca is now serving spirits.  This means you can order the fantastic Bloody Mary, a true home-made margarita, a martini, or whatever drink you desire.  We’re still building our liquor list, so feel free to drop us a line to request your favorite.  I get asked this a lot, and no we still cannot sell bottles of liquor out the door, the State of Idaho remains the only source for off-premise bottles of spirits.

Scotch List, Spirits Tastings Coming…

I like Scotch.  I’m working on building our special Scotch list, and have started with some favorites and standbys.  We are pricing our top shelf scotch very aggressively, so don’t hesitate to order a dram of something you haven’t tried before.  We are working on setting up some tastings for when the weather gets chilly, including a Whiskey’s of the World tasting, and a Hop-Scotch tasting that includes beer and Scotch.  That’s not to mention the tequila tasting coming up, rum tastings…. you get the idea.

Libation Specialist

We now have a real bar tender!  His name is Ryan and I heard he prefers to be called a “Libation Specialist.”  Ryan is from San Francisco and has been making drinks for the last 15 years.  He moved up north to be close to his family, and his recipes are fantastic.  Come meet Ryan this weekend and if you don’t know what else to order, ask for the Bloody Mary.

Bar Logistics

The logistics have changed a little too.   It can be confusing if you’re used to the old way we’ve done things, so I wanted to just make some notes to help make it smoother.  Now you place your beverage orders at the bar.  When we were operating a tasting room as business owners, it was not customary to tip the store owner, but now you will be served by a bar tender, and it is customary to tip a bar tender.  If you want to drink something from the retail side here, bring it to the bar tender, who can put it on your bill and open the bottle for you.  You will clear your tab in the bar before leaving to browse the retail area, and simply check out separately if you are buying something to take home.  Simple enough right?

Wine Tastings Changing Format

We’re changing the format of our weekend wine tasting.  Here is the short list:

  • Wine list.  We will have a regular wine list, a wine by the glass list that you can order from to enjoy any time we’re open.  This means you can have wine any time the bar is open, not just during certain tasting room hours.
  • Wine by the bottle.  The retail store has on average 1000 different wines available at any given time.  Buying a bottle to drink at the bar is always a good idea.
  • No more heavy pours.  Wine Tasting will be smaller pours at the discretion of the winery representative that is sharing.
  • Free.  The new wine tasting format will not have a cost associated with it.

Special Soft Opening Weekend

Pardon the dust we’re still getting some of the last minute tweaks finished.  We’re opening with a wine tasting from Cono Sur!


Cono Sur Logo

Dustin Lewis will be on hand Friday from 4-7 to pour this line-up of Cono Sur wines, for free:

  • Cono Sur Organic Chardonnay
  • Cono Sur Organic Cabernet/Carmenere Blend
  • Cono Sur Bicycle Carmenere
  • Cono Sur Bicycle Pinot Noir
  • Cono Sur Bicycle Sauv Blanc
  • Cono Sur Bicycle Viognier

Of course all of these will be available for retail purchase to take home if you find something you enjoy.

Drink Specials

For this weekend we’re simply offering $1 off all mixed drinks and wine by the glass you order!  Come take advantage of this!  Right now our well drinks are only $4 to begin with, so it’s a pretty good deal if you ask me 🙂

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