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Brewers Dozen: Exclusive Idaho Bar for Incredible Sierra Nevada Year of Beer

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Jan - 16 - 2013


Dear Enotecans,

Guess which bar is the exclusive north Idaho destination for the Brewers Dozen promotion by Sierra Nevada?  You guessed it, Enoteca Drinkery & Refuge.  Sierra Nevada recognizes that we’ve been drinking a lot of their beer, because it’s good, and now there is a very cool promotion coming our way.  Read all the way to the end to hear about a beer tasting coming…

Brewers Dozen Limited Draught Calendar

Sierra Nevada is releasing a different unique and amazing craft beer each month of the year, and two in August, making a Brewers Dozen (13) different beers.  We’ll be tapping one each month and announcing it via this email list.  If you want to know right away, join the Keg Tap Text service which sends you a text message when a new keg is tapped.

Get a Free Sierra Nevada T-Shirt

Come on down when we tap a new keg, and have a pint.  Make sure it’s under your name and account, complete with postal address.  We’ll keep track and if you succeed in ordering a pint from every single keg of the Brewers Dozen, you will receive a free Sierra Nevada T-Shirt!

These are all small batch, small keg beers, so we won’t be doing growler fills, and even then there are only an estimated 40 pints per keg.  To get the T-Shirt you have to order a pint from every keg, so when it gets tapped, better hurry!

sierra-nevada-bigfoot-barleywineFirst Beer: Bigfoot Barleywine 2012

We just tapped the first beer of the Brewer’s Dozen.  Bigfoot Barleywine is brewed every year in December for release in January.  This 2012 edition was brewed in December 2011, so it’s a full year old.  Aging barleywine is the thing to do, and tapping aged barleywine kegs is what January & February are all about!

Check out What’s On Tap and see the other Barleywine’s we have on tap, and see our Upcoming Kegs to see the Barleywine’s we’re planning on tapping soon.

Not only have we tapped the 2012 vintage of Bigfoot, you can get past vintages from the bartender and pour them for a vertical tasting!

Currently available by the bottle:

  • 2011 (brewed in December 2010)
  • 2010 (brewed in December 2009)
  • 2009 (brewed in December 2008)
  • 2007 (brewed in December 2006)

Start Your Own Bigfoot Cellar

The aged bottles aren’t cheap, and that’s why I recommend buying a case of the new 2013 Bigfoot now and stashing it in your own cellar!

In fact, we’ve gone a step further, we’ve sourced a ton of 2012 Bigfoot by the case, so this is last year’s barleywine, and a bunch of the 2013 is coming soon.  The 2013 comes in 4 packs while the 2012 comes in 6 packs.  Get 2 vintages in your cellar right now, and be on your way to your own crazy awesome vertical of Bigfoot Barleywine.

Buy Bigfoot 2012 Here. 6 packs, 4 to a case

Buy Bigfoot 2013 Here.  4 packs, 6 to a case


I recommend buying a whole case.  New to cellaring beer?  Read about beer cellaring here.  First reason is when you’re cellaring something like this, you want a lot of bottles.  This comes 24 to a case, in the 2012 it was 4 six packs and in 2013 it’s six four packs.  With 24 bottles, you can start trying them a year from now when the 2014 is released.  Then you’ll still have 23 bottles, or maybe fewer if you invite some friends to help you with it.  A year later you’ll be able to do a 4 year vertical, and so on.

Barrel Aged BigfootBarrel Aged Bigfoot?

We’re not sure when it’s going to arrive, but there is an incredible version of Bigfoot coming soon to Enoteca Fine Wine & Beer.  It’s a Bourbon Barrel Aged Bigfoot, coming in cork finished 750ml collectable bottles.  Only 200 barrels were produced, which is a miniscule amount for something like this.  For now this is just a tease, we don’t have pricing or ordering information yet, and until it arrives we don’t know how much will be available.  Keep an eye on the New Beers in Stock page to see when it arrives.  We will also post the arrival of this gem on our Facebook page and Twitter.

Sierra Nevada Beer Tasting Coming

Chris Hem from Sierra Nevada is coming to Enoteca on Thursday, March 21st for a Sierra Nevada Beer Tasting!  We’ll be tapping the March Brewers Dozen keg for the event, so sign up so you can come and get your pint!

Tickets for March 21st, 5pm Beer Tasting – $12 per person.

Tickets for March 21st, 7pm Beer Tasting – $12 per person.


Click through to buy your tickets. Purchase must be made online, and tickets are yours only when we receive payment information. No refunds or exchanges.

We’ll be tasting a handful of new craft beers from Sierra Nevada and of course the Brewers Dozen offering for March at the event.  It’s a classroom style event, with two identical classes, one starting at 5pm and one starting at 7pm.  You must get tickets in advance, and when they are sold out, that’s all folks!

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