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All I want for Christmas is beer…

Posted by John Eckhart Posted on Dec - 14 - 2011

Dear Enotecans,

Just in case you missed it, we sent out some suggestions for wine entertaining and wine gift giving, and now we get to talk about Beer!  We have some gift ideas, winter beers in stock, and of course the Bad Elves.  If you’re not interested in beer email, click the Email Preferences link above to make changes.

Note: Enoteca is open ALL WEEK from now until Christmas Eve.  We’re open 11-7 Today-December 23rd, and open 11-5 on December 24th.
Note 2: Sam Adams Beer tasting – 7 pm is full, 5 pm still  has some availability.
Note 3: Don’t miss the Enoteca Christmas Party, it starts at 5 on Saturday and there’s an appetizer competition.  We’ll be pouring free wine and beer, so that’s pretty good.

Beer Gift Ideas

Got a craft beer lover on your list?  Check out these fantastic ideas.

Stainless Steel Growler – This food-grade stainless steel 64 oz receptacle is one of this years hottest  beer gift items.  We ran out of our first batch, but we’ve reloaded and we’re ready for you.  One idea is to put the growler under the tree with a note or gift certificate for a growler fill.  Another idea is to fill it up on December 24th at Enoteca (before 5pm) and put it in the fridge with a bow on it.

Speaking of growler fills, did you see what’s on tap right now?  Our tap selection is always changing. Right now we have 2010 The Abyss from Deschutes on tap.  We’re all sold out of the 22 oz. bottles of the 2011 batch, but we’ve been sitting on this keg for a year, because the Abyss comes with a “best-after” date of right now.  Come down for a pint or a growler fill.  Yum!

Bad Elf Series

Bad ElfELF WARNING: Consumption of too much Winter’s Ale may be bad for your elf and may impair your ability to drive a sleigh or
operate toy-making machinery.

Ridgeway Bad Elf Winter Pale 16.9oz
Without a doubt, the Bad Elf rocked last year. This year, just for the sake of change, it’s a different brew, and even better. Look for something a little less hoppy, a little more malty, and a little more festive this time around. This Elf is so bad, it’s way good.

Very Bad ElfOlde England meets the New World in this strong, warming golden ale. A generous amount of famous English malt is masterfully balanced with an astounding 45 ounces of fresh hops – including English Cascade – per barrel. Bad Elf is brewed by Peter Scholey, master brewer for the late and much-lamented Brakspear Brewery of Henley-on-Thames, England. Peter has bought up the entire crop from the single row of Cascades grown in the U.K.

Ridgeway Very Bad Elf English Bitter 16.9oz
It seems like every year these Elves just get worse and worse. This Very Bad Elf is stronger
and darker than its predecessor. Anyone out there remember Brakspear’s Vintage Henley? That
was one very special brew. This is Vintage Henley cranked up to 7.5%, for the sole purpose
of making your holiday bright.
Seriously Bad Elf
Based on an original recipe from 1795, Very Bad Elf has nutty and sweet-roasted flavors attributable to its use of an ancient pale malt, uniquely recreated for this delightful ale. A rare variety of Fuggles hops dating to the mid-1800’s gives the beer a soft, rounded bitterness and uncanny drinkability.

Ridgeway Seriously Bad Elf Belgian Tripel 16.9oz
Banned In Connecticut, Seriously Bad Elf
Criminally Bad Elf
Seriously Bad Elf is Peters’s very English interpretation of a Belgian Tripel, brewed to warming 9% alcohol, especially for his rapidly-growing American following.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this beer. Seriously Bad Elf has been banned in Connecticut! That little red speck you see in the background of the label? Why, that’s none other than Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, who, according to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, cannot appear on a beer label.
Insanely Bad Elf
Ridgeway Criminally Bad Elf Barleywine 16.9oz
10.5% ABV Barley Wine style of beer. What else needs to be said?

Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf Imperial Red Ale 12oz
11.2% ABV English Strong Ale style of beer, though the bottle says “Imperial Red Ale”, which sounds like a made-up style. This one’s crazy-strong, the Elf is straightjacketed. Flavors of molasses and fruit dominate, masking the high ABV. Malty goodness comes through in bready and yeasty flavors and aromas. Sweeter style of beer.

Beer Gift Boxes

Check these out, put this under the tree and you have been *and* official brewery glassware.  Yes please!

Lindemans Gift Box:

The Lindemans gift box includes 1-12oz bottle of raspberry lambic (frambois) and 1-12oz bottle of apple (pomme) lambic.

Also included is a flute style glass with the Lindemans logo and gold rim.

Whats inside:

Framboise – Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean taste.

Pomme – Smooth, light body with the fresh flavor of real apples and a light green-apple tartness.

Only $12.99 Club Members $11.69 Order here.

Chimay Gift Box:

Chimay Gift Pack
Chimay Gift Pack sports one small bottle of each of the three styles of Chimay and an authentic Chimay chalice.

(1) 11.2 oz bottles of Chimay Red
(1) 11.2 oz bottles of Chimay White
(1) 11.2 oz bottles of Chimay Blue
(1) Official Chimay trappist style glass

Unibroue Diabolic PleasuresOnly Member: $17.99 / Retail: $19.99 Order here.

Unibroue Diabolic Pleasures Gift Pack

Going a little dark for Christmas?  Check out this beer made by a former Chimay brewer now doing his own thing in Quebec.  This doesn’t come with a glass, but we do have Unibroue glassware if you want to get some to pair, including a fantastic looking Maudite glass.

This gift pack has includes 750ml bottles of two devilish ales: Eau Benite Tripel and La Maudite. Eau Benite is currently only available in this package.

Only Member: $23.39 / Retail: $25.99 Order here.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Gift Pack

Sierra Nevada Beer CampI’ve been drinking these at home lately, fantastic beers from a fantastic beer program.  This is a mixed 12 pack of 3 each of 4 different beers.  Again, no glass here, but we have some fantastic Sierra Nevada glasses that could be paired with it.  The beers are a California common, double IPA, weizenbock, and American black ale.

Only Member: $17.99 / Retail: $19.99 Order here.


Roll Your Own Beer Gift Pack, Free Glassware!

Earn some extra points by putting your own beer gift pack together.  If you need help selecting, we’re here to help.  We have a huge variety of amazing premium beers, and an equally impressive array of glassware to go with most breweries we represent.   Like deep dark Imperial Stouts?  Big hoppy Imperial IPAs?   Bourbon, Scotch and Whiskey barrel aged beers?  Fruit beers?  We got them all.  German style DopplebocksHefeweizens (Wheat Beers)?

Kwak GlassFrom now until Christmas, we’re making it even easier to put your beer gift pack together.  For ever $20 in beer you purchase, you get a $5 credit towards glassware!  Many of the beer glasses cost $5, some cost $10.  Here’s a great idea:

Roll Your Own Kwak Pack

Kwak is a delicious Belgian beer that sports one of the most interesting glasses.  This glass has a rounded, not flat bottom, so it comes with a wooden stand.  This glass is $10, but with the purchase of $20 worth of beer it goes down to $5, and if you buy $40 of beer it’s free.

What better beer to buy to go with the Kwak glass than the Kwak beer!  Kwak is right around $10 per large 750ml bottle.  You can purchase it here.  Perhaps get a couple Kwak’s and a couple other great Belgian beers, such as Deus from the same brewery ($30) or Tripel Karmeleit.

 Check out our Winter Seasonals

One more note on Winter Beers.  Our last email about Winter Seasonals went over well, we sold out of some of them, and we were able to land a new batch of others.

We still have Santa’s Little Helper, Winter Solstice Cans (tastes like candy), Fish Tale Winterfish, Ninkasi Sleighr, Elysian BiFrost, Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome (favorite).  Click here to read about these.

In addition, we now have Anchor’s Special Christmas Ale, tastes like ginger bread cookies, in both 6 packs and 1.5L magnums.  For the hardcore beer-geek, we have Mikkeller Bourbon Barrel Aged From via To 2010 Baltic Porter.  This one is just sick.  Rare, special, bourbony.  Oh yes.  For Belgian fiends the Kerstmutske Christmas Nightcap rocks it.  Hailing from Sweden, we have the Oppigards Winter Warmer, and for the gluten-intolerant, the oak barrel kissed Woodchuck Winter Cider is killer.

The Northwest makes great beer.  For the winter seasonals, check out Hopworks HUB Abominable Winter Abomb, Freemont Abominable Winter Warmer, Widmer’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Brrr, called Brrrrbon, 2011 edition.

There are so many more, it’s just impossible to keep track.  Come down and browse for a few hours, I’m sure you’ll uncover something amazing.

Merry Christmas from Enoteca!

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